We’re proud to announce the latest topic in our series of NRI Talks

A discussion about how to truly thrive in the sector with special guest Mark Willis, CEO of Accor Middle East & Africa.

Boasting a roster of brands that includes Fairmont, Raffles, Sofitel, and Rixos, Mark knows a thing or two about what it takes to help a business achieve success and make a name for yourself in hospitality. Accor currently owns 155 hotels in the region and is aiming to add 120 more to the list, all under his expert leadership.

During this talk, you’ll learn how to boost hotel performance, make thriving partnerships, and excel in luxury services that will not only make you a household name, but also a world-renowned entity. Accor has proven its strengths time and again, and Mark is only planning to take the group to newer heights in hospitality.

Mark Willis

[CEO of Accor Middle East & Africa]
Naif AlRajhi Investment Proudly Presents The Second NRI Talks Session!

An exclusive talk with tech entrepreneur Maaz Sheikh, Founder & CEO of StarzPlay, the leading competitor of NETFLIX.

Naif Alrajhi Investment is constantly looking for opportunities to spread awareness about how to grow your business and invest properly. That’s why we’ve invited Mr. Maaz to share his top tips on when and how to start your business, and how to scale up an existing one and achieve success.

Maaz Sheikh

[Founder & CEO of StarzPlay]
Naif Alrajhi Investment is proud to introduce

An exclusive one-hour online talk with Yunib Siddiqui, the CEO and owner of Jones the Grocer, Australia’s award-winning 22-branch speciality gourmet food retailer.

Naif Alrajhi Investment is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to spread awareness about how to grow your business and invest properly, which is why we’ve invited Yunib to come and help educate food establishment owners – and those interested in becoming one – to explain what you can do to plan, build and sustain your business, maintain a relationship with your clientele, and ultimately achieve success even in times of strife.

Yunib Siddiqui

[CEO and owner of Jones the Grocer]